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Marc Scaringi visits Oil City


Republican US Senate candidate Marc Scaringi made a pit stop in Oil City Monday to discuss policy with potential voters.  The informal meeting was held at the Venango County GOP headquarters.  The Pittsburgh area native said the key to reviving the Oil Region’s economy lies underground.

“We have what I believe is a gift from God, really, in this Marcellus Shale.”

Scaringi pointed out that in 2009, development of the Marcellus Shale generated 44-thousand new jobs.

“These are good paying jobs, with starting salaries of 50- to 60-thousand dollars plus benefits.  Where else are you going to find a job in Pennsylvania today with a starting salary of 60-thousand plus benefits, without a high school degree?”

Scaringi’s message sat well with R. Lee James, a local businessman seeking a 64th district Representative seat that will be vacated by Scott Hutchinson.  James conceded that drilling is cause for a certain amount of environmental concern:

“…but there’s clean water, clean soil and clean air acts.  If we just follow those laws that are enacted now, then I think we’re in pretty good shape.  I would not support adding a lot more regulation.  In fact, I think we already have too much regulation.”


BREAKING NEWS: Ousted Venango County election board challenges ruling



Martha Breene, Craig Adams, and Eleanora Miller, who make up the recently dismissed special board of elections in Venango County, have today filed a Motion for Reconsideration with the Court of Common Pleas challenging President Judge Oliver Lobaugh’s December 1st decision to dismiss the board. 

According to a document prepared by the board’s attorney, Charles A. Pascal,  the board is asking to remain active for the rest of the month.  Specifically, the board has asked to be allowed to continue its work with a forensic audit of voting machines used in Venango County, and complete its investigation into issues raised in a recent report on that audit. 

On Thursday, President Judge Oliver Lobaugh issued a decree terminating the temporary board.  Lobaugh said the board’s work was complete when it certified the November election results.

Audit results made public

Up until now, the findings of a team of computer scientists investigating the ES&S iVotronic voting machines, which turned up unusual results in the spring 2011 election, had been kept under wraps.

Today, a 25-page interim report filed by Dr. David Eckhardt was made available to Forever Broadcasting.  The report reccomends that Venango County take steps to enhance security, if they continue to use electronic voting in future elections.  View the complete report HERE:

Eckhardt interim report

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Judge disbands Venango County Election Board



The special Board of Elections in Venango County is no more. In a surprise move by President Judge Oliver Lobaugh, the election board, consisting of Craig Adams, Martha Breene and Eleanora Miller was terminated Thursday afternoon. Lobaugh says the board fulfilled the last of its duties by certifying the November 3rd election.

The termination comes amid an investigation of the county’s voting machines. The computer scientists conducting that investigation will now answer directly to the County Commissioners. Commissioner Tim Brooks tells Forever Broadcasting he intends to make public any additional results of the forensic investigation, and follow recommendations for a more trustworthy election.

But board member Martha Breene calls the judge’s actions “premature” and says the move was a loss for the citizens. Breene says she believes the real results of the investigation, “…will never get out now. That’s an absolute given, unless we could get some sort of public right-to-know, it will never happen.”


Paper ballots prolong Venango vote count


It took almost twice as long in Venango County as it did in Crawford County for poll workers to arrive at a final vote count.  That extra time was due to a decision made by the election board to use paper ballots, after the electronic voting machines that were in place previously yielded suspicious results and prompted a forensic audit.  Bonnie Summers, the new Democrat on the Commissioners’ board said she wasn’t especially troubled by the extra hassle of the new ballots.

“I think it’s something that people were probably looking for, and I think doing the paper ballots was fairly easy,” Summers said.

Critics blamed the paper ballots a number of over-votes, when a person chooses more candidates than what are allowed in a given race.


Two injured in Venango County crash

A Franklin man is treated for moderate injuries received in a Richland Township, Venango County crash Tuesday.

Police say 21-year-old James Miller was driving north on State Highway 38 when he lost control of his Dodge Neon, crossed over the fogline, and left the east side of the roadway. Police say the vehicle then struck a ditch and culvert on the east side of the road with its right front end, before continuing to travel north about 20 feet and coming to rest.

A passenger, 51-year-old Kieth Miller, of Knox, was treated for minor injuries.