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PSP Crime Scene Investigators


5/24/12 BREAKING NEWS: Body found

Details here:

Crime unit on scene

Investigators from the Pennsylvania State Police Crime Unit are on the scene of a home in a very rural area near Cochranton connected to the disappearance of 20-year-old Brandy Rosine-Stevens, of Beaver Township, Ohio, who went missing Thursday.  Troopers are searching the home and property at 29558 Drake Hill Road, in Cochranton, the Barber residence, where Rosine-Stevens’ car was found Tuesday night.  A police helicopter was visible overhead and troopers were seen questioning, presumably, the residents of the home. Police provided few comments on the investigation.  They said they had been there since around 11:00 this morning.  Rosine-Stevens’ mother says Brandy is a Type 1 diabetic.  As of 4:00 p.m. Wednesday, no news release was published by the state police.

According to Brandy’s mother, Carrie Stevens-Rosine, her daughter had left on Thursday, May 17th to see a woman named Jade Olmstead, who was apparently staying with Ashley Barber, who lives at the Drake Hill Road residence.

Mother speaks out via Facebook

Carrie Rosine today posted the following message to the Facebook page of radio station Majic 99.3 and 104.5:

I just want to update everyone on the search for Brandy Rosine-Stevens. The PA State police have found her car last night. They were contacted by the home in Cochranton, PA where Brandy was traveling to when she went missing. The family had been questioned the night before and told the police that Brandy never made it there Thursday 5/17/12. Then last night they stated that Brandy came there, and got a ride from another friend. They never saw the car, they never saw the person that picked her up; that she walked down the dirt road to get picked up. The girl that Brandy went to see was Jade Olmstead, she is living with the Barber Family that owns the home. Ashley Barber coincidentally went to the emergency room from falling down the basement stairs right and around the time Brandy went missing. Her car was completely cleaned out…and if anyone knows Brandy she never cleaned her car out and she had a tower computer, comforter, pillow, trash can that was always filled with diet pop cans and either diet pop or tea in the back seat. Now how did Brandy carry all of that stuff down a dirt road to get her ride???????????????????? WE NEED ANSWERS!!!! They want us to pick the car up, I told them that we are not touching that car. I have contacted the FBI and they called PA State Police and they are now sending criminal investigators back out to question the girls and family. They say they don’t have probable cause to get a search warrant to search the house, WHICH PART OF THIS DOES NOT ADD UP???????? WE MISS BRANDY WE WANT YOU HOME SAFE AND SOUND. WE NEED ANSWERS IF THERE IS ANYONE OUT THERE THAT CAN HELP PLEASE CONTACT (330) 519-5399, (330) 207-7336, (330) 549-3147 OR (330) 599-1104.

Carrie Rosine (Mother)
(330) 519-5399 or (330) 599-1104

PSP helicopter circles overhead

Forever Broadcasting van on the scene

State troopers search perimeter





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